The Migraine CareLine is designed to provide individualized case management assistance for those living with or needing screening for migraine disease. The Migraine Careline will provide assistance with navigating eligibility and enrollment in disability benefits and overcoming insurance coverage and financial burdens that impact their access to care.

• Facilitate access to migraine treatment, screening and preventive services
• Provide help to uninsured patients, ensuring access to care and enrollment into private insurance, Medicaid and/or charity care programs, when appropriate.
• Navigate through the insurance reimbursement system, including interpretation of the patient’s benefit language
• Provide clinical trials education and conduct clinical trials screening and enrollment
• Provide direct appeals assistance for insurance denials
• Help understand workplace and employment protections available
• Provide education and assistance with the social security and employer sponsored disability process, application and eligibility and appeal assistance
• Network patients to all known local, state and/or national resources for financial assistance
• Provide referrals and linkage to appropriate community and non-profit educational resources

All services are provided at no charge. All services are provided through phone and/or email communication. .