After a series of health challenges and changes in finances and living situations, problems and stress consumed every thought. This led to poor quality of life … working with Patient Advocate Foundation has been fundamental for my disability acceptance, healthcare issues and well being. Looking forward to continuing to work with Patient Advocate Foundation. I highly recommend this service.

Ingrid I migraine disorder

I was desperately trying to seek out a mechanism of advocacy for prescription medications which are not covered by my prescription carrier … I am extremely grateful to the [case manager] who assisted me. She was extremely kind, compassionate, and patient. She stayed on the phone with me through all steps, including conferencing in on the company who I will now work with to obtain the medication for free for an entire year. I thank the Patient Advocate Foundation for your diligence, and I intend to keep you as a referral and resource in my “back pocket”!

Carla I migraine disorder