I am extremely thankful having a [PAF case manager] as my advocate. She was instrumental in the success of attaining approval of the authorization of my migraine medication, to be paid by my [insurer] with my only copay of $5.00 instead of out-of-pocket full price, which was astronomically out of my means. She was supportive and very informative to my plight. Moreover, she truly is an advocate… she bestowed sage advice… I was determined and persevered; ergo, I achieved my goal… had my case manager not counseled me I would’ve given up from the 2nd denial of my appeal. Kudos to her! She is a gem and an asset to your organization.

Melba I migraine disease

I had no hope before communicating with my case manager. He is so very kind, patient and a great listener. He understood my situation and its nuances. He went right to work for me, communicated with all parties involved and continued to advocate on my behalf. He has inspired me… It became very clear to me that even with my MSW degree and my physician’s help, we could make very little headway on our own with my insurer… You do so much for so many. Thank you.

Melody I migraine disease

I so appreciate the help my case manager is giving me as I appeal a migraine medication denial. Thank you for standing in the gap for patients who do not know how to navigate the serpentine world of insurance.

Susan I migraine disease

After a series of health challenges and changes in finances and living situations, problems and stress consumed every thought. This led to poor quality of life … working with Patient Advocate Foundation has been fundamental for my disability acceptance, healthcare issues and well being. Looking forward to continuing to work with Patient Advocate Foundation. I highly recommend this service.

Ingrid I migraine disorder

I was desperately trying to seek out a mechanism of advocacy for prescription medications which are not covered by my prescription carrier … I am extremely grateful to the [case manager] who assisted me. She was extremely kind, compassionate, and patient. She stayed on the phone with me through all steps, including conferencing in on the company who I will now work with to obtain the medication for free for an entire year. I thank the Patient Advocate Foundation for your diligence, and I intend to keep you as a referral and resource in my “back pocket”!

Carla I migraine disorder