Welcome to the Migraine CareLine

The Migraine CareLine is designed to provide individualized case management assistance for those living with or needing screening for migraine disease. The Migraine Careline will provide assistance with navigating eligibility and enrollment in disability benefits and overcoming insurance coverage and financial burdens that impact their access to care.  For assistance, call 1-866-688-3625  or complete the form .

You are invited to participate in an important survey being conducted by the Coalition for Headache and Migraine Patients (CHAMP) and its partner organizations. CHAMP is conducting this survey to better understand the experiences people with headache diseases have had with their health care providers, treatments, and insurance providers.

As a Coalition member, PAF is extending an invitation to anyone impacted by headache disease to share your voice, participate with the survey, and make a difference!

This survey is designed to help advance research and improve access to appropriate care and therapies for migraine and other headache diseases. In order to do this important work, we need to hear more voices. This is where we’re asking for your help. Thank you for taking the time to participate in the survey if you live with headache, migraine or cluster disease.



After a series of health challenges and changes in finances and living situations, problems and stress consumed every thought. This led to poor quality of life … working with Patient Advocate Foundation has been fundamental for my disability acceptance, healthcare issues and well being. Looking forward to continuing to work with Patient Advocate Foundation. I highly recommend this service.

Ingrid | migraine disorder